The Vapor Stage

In a few moments our clairvoyants both report that the force or power is

issuing from the side of the sensitive, if a man (or from the pelvis, if

a woman), in the form of a white, soft, dough-like substance, which on

one occasion I was permitted to touch. I could perceive no smell given

off by it; it felt cold and clammy, and appeared to have the consistency

of heavy dough at the moment that I touched it.

This mass of dough-like substance is said to be the material used by the

entities--one by one as a rule--who wish to build up a temporary body.

It seems to rest on the floor, somewhere near the right side of the

sensitive, until required for use: its bulk depending apparently upon

the amount of power given off by the sitters from time to time during

the experiment.

This we will term the second of the three stages of the evolution of an

entity clad in a temporary body.